Oral presentation at the VIII Congress of Pharmacists of Serbia, Belgrade 2022: Dr sci. Ivana Tadić

Dr sci. Ivana Tadić was accepted for the oral presentation of the paper  “Advancement of practice and use of medication adherence technologies” at the VIII-th Congress of Pharmacists of Serbia with International Participation, Belgrade, Serbia, 12-15 October 2022. arrow-icon-size3 Read More The abstract is published in Archives of Pharmacy. Suggestion for reference citing:Tadić I, van Boven … Read more

ESPACOMP and ENABLE collaboration – in 26th ESPACOMP Conference, Berlin (Germany), November, 2022

Many of ENABLE project members were present to 26th ESPACOMP Conference in Berlin (Germany), 17-19 November 2022. There were presented results of the activities during ENABLE project: Development and evaluation of medication adherence technologies: Generating guidance for ENABLE repository users. Ribaut J, Nabergoj Makovec U, Goetzinger C, Barnestein-Fonseca P, Haupenthal  F, Herdeiro MT, Jácome  C, Roque … Read more

Animation video

Would you like to listen to Amanda’s experience with medication adherence? Watch the animation video! https://youtu.be/B6gCsinKURs

Reimbursed medication adherence enhancing interventions in 12 european countries: Current state of the art and future challenges

Przemysław Kardas, Martina Bago, Pilar Barnestein-Fonseca, Kristina Garuolienė, Anne Gerd Granas, João Gregório, Maja Ortner Hadžiabdić, Barbora Kostalova, Francisca Leiva-Fernández, Pawel Lewek, Katerina Mala-Ladova, Marie Paule Schneider, Job F M van Boven, Daisy Volmer, Ioli Ziampara and Tamás Ágh

Frontiers in Pharmacology. 2022 ;13:944829 | https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9946449/

Webinar WG 2 on the COMPAR-EU Online Platform for self-management interventions

The event is provided by the COST Action 19132 ENABLE, Working Group 2.  CA19132 ENABLE: “European Network to Advance Best practices & technology on medication adherencE” is a COST Action supported by Horizon 2020 Framework Program funded by European Union. When: 11th October 2022 at 5pm (CEST) Where: Zoom https://uni-lj-si.zoom.us/j/92007045949Meeting ID: 920 0704 5949 Webinar … Read more

Special Issue in FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY (IF = 5.810): Recent Advances in Attempts to Improve Medication Adherence – from basic research to clinical practice

We would like to invite you to submit your medication adherence-related research to Research Topic propose fully created in Frontiers in Pharmacology (Impact Factor = 5.810). Recent Advances in Attempts to Improve Medication Adherence – from basic research to clinical practice. A wide range of studies addressing medication adherence-enhancing interventions is welcome, including both original research and … Read more

Swiss Priority Setting on Implementing Medication Adherence Interventions as Part of the European ENABLE COST Action

Carole Bandiera, Janette Ribaut, Alexandra L. Dima, Samuel S. Allemann, Kate Molesworth, Kabeza Kalumiya, Fabian Käser, Melvin Skip Olson, Michel Burnier, Job F. M. van Boven, Thomas Szucs, Daniel Albrecht, Ira Wilson, Sabina De Geest, and Marie P. Schneider

International Journal of Public Health. 2022 ;67:1605204 | https://europepmc.org/article/pmc/pmc9411421