Non-adherence to Medication: Innovative Approaches to an Old Problem; at the ECIM/ICIM (Athens, Greece, 2023)

Joint European Congress of Internal Medicine (ECIM) and the International Congress of Internal Medicine (ICIM) will bring many topics, sessions, lectures and presentations delivered by excellent speakers and the best names in the field. This year our main theme is “Internal Medicine – A Bridge Between Health and Disease” focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care … Read more

Medication Adherence – a Call for Advancement of Practice; at the VIII-th Congress of Pharmacists (Belgrade, Serbia, 2022)

Dr sci. Ivana Tadić was accepted for the oral presentation of the paper  “Advancement of practice and use of medication adherence technologies” at the VIII-th Congress of Pharmacists of Serbia with International Participation, Belgrade, Serbia, 12-15 October 2022. arrow-icon-size3 Read More The abstract is published in Archives of Pharmacy. Suggestion for reference citing:Tadić I, van Boven … Read more

ESPACOMP and ENABLE collaboration – in 26th ESPACOMP Conference (Berlin, Germany, 2022)

Many of ENABLE project members were present to 26th ESPACOMP Conference in Berlin (Germany), 17-19 November 2022. There were presented results of the activities during ENABLE project: Development and evaluation of medication adherence technologies: Generating guidance for ENABLE repository users. Ribaut J, Nabergoj Makovec U, Goetzinger C, Barnestein-Fonseca P, Haupenthal  F, Herdeiro MT, Jácome  C, Roque … Read more

ENABLE overview and achievements; ESCP Symposium: Polypharmacy and ageing (Prague, Czech, 2022)

Ageing of the world population is an issue of broad interest due to expected changes in health and social systems and economics of many countries all over the world. Older adults usually suffer from multiple chronic health problems and utilize more medicines, therefore rational, effective, and safe medication use in this population is a key … Read more

Behavioural components of digital technologies – Delphi results; 36th Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society (Bratislava, Slovakia, 2022)

Alexandra Dima was accepted for the oral presentation of the paper  “Interdisciplinary consensus on describing behaviour change features of medication adherence technologies: a European Delphi consultation” at the Bratislava, Slovakia, 23-27 August 2022.   arrow-icon-size3 Link to conference program The abstract is published in Conference Abstract Book, pages 631-632. arrow-icon-size3 link to abstract book

Reimbursement adherence technologies; at the 31st European Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection (Athens, Greece, 2022)

Prof. Przemysław Kardas will present about ENABLE “Availability of reimbursed interventions to advance medication adherence in Europe: recent findings of the ENABLE COST Action” at the 31st European Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection, in Athens, Greece, between 17-20 June 2022.  arrow-icon-size3 Preliminary Program

ENABLE COST Action and hypertension; at the 6th European Forum on Hypertension (Gdansk, Poland, 2022)

Prof. Przemysław Kardas was invited to give a lecture “The ENABLE Cost Action on Adherence” at the 6th European Forum on Hypertension, Gdansk, Poland, between 19-21 May 2022. The lecture “The ENABLE Cost Action on Adherence” is scheduled during the 5th session, entitled “Drug adherence in hypertension“, which will be held on 21/05/2022 from 8:30 … Read more