European Drug Utilisation Research Group Conference 2023 – Sustainability of drug use: equity and innovation, June 27th-30th, 2023

EuroDurg 2023: Scientific meeting with educational courses for researchers, policy makers from academia, healthcare professionals, PhD students and all who are interested in safe and rational drug use. Keynote sessions:• equitable and sustainable use of medicines,• unmet clinical needs and target population for innovative medicines,• patient perspectives on drug utilisation,• Covid-19 and drug utilization – … Read more

ESPACOMP and ENABLE collaboration – in 26th ESPACOMP Conference, Berlin (Germany), November, 2022

Many of ENABLE project members were present to 26th ESPACOMP Conference in Berlin (Germany), 17-19 November 2022. There were presented results of the activities during ENABLE project: Development and evaluation of medication adherence technologies: Generating guidance for ENABLE repository users. Ribaut J, Nabergoj Makovec U, Goetzinger C, Barnestein-Fonseca P, Haupenthal  F, Herdeiro MT, Jácome  C, Roque … Read more

Animation video

Would you like to listen to Amanda’s experience with medication adherence? Watch the animation video!

COST Action ENABLE Working Group Meeting – Oslo, Norway (24-25 June 2022)

Dear ENABLE Working Group Members, We have the pleasure to invite you to the hybrid ENABLE Working Group Meeting in Oslo, Norway on June 24–25, 2022. The meeting will focus on eHealth and activities enabling medication adherence. The meeting includes a visit to MedTech enterprises network in Fredrikstad, presentations from COST ENABLE working groups and a … Read more

26th ESPACOMP conference - 2022

This year’s ESPACOMP conference will have a special focus on Adherence and Patient Safety. The congress will be held in a hybrid format. Please submit your abstract at The deadline for abstract submission is 11:59pm (CET) June 30, 2022.

Malaga Training School (2-4 May 2022)

Malaga Training School MALAGA Training School – Final Program (PDF doc) Working with Patients on Medication Adherence (MA), Practical Solutions Learning objectives: Raise awareness about MA and its importance Explore the patient’s perspective regarding MA Identify non-adherence and related factors How to manage MA (tips to improve MA) Explore the patient’s perspective regarding MA …. … Read more

Presentation about ENABLE at the 31st European Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection: Prof. Przemysław Kardas

Prof. Przemysław Kardas will present about ENABLE “Availability of reimbursed interventions to advance medication adherence in Europe: recent findings of the ENABLE COST Action” at the 31st European Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection, in Athens, Greece, between 17-20 June 2022.  arrow-icon-size3 Preliminary Program

ENABLE Conference – The European COST Action on Non-Adherence (Swiss COST ENABLE Conference on 18 March 2022)

Medication adherence is an essential component of many therapeutic regimens in the management of acute and chronic conditions. Not taking medications as prescribed can take different forms: not redeeming prescriptions (i.e. non-initiating), issues with under- or overdosing, irregularity of medication taking and/or the occurrence of drug holidays (i.e. non-implementation). Patient can also discontinue treatment without … Read more

Invited speaker at the 6th European Forum on Hypertension: Prof. Przemysław Kardas

Prof. Przemysław Kardas was invited to give a lecture “The ENABLE Cost Action on Adherence” at the 6th European Forum on Hypertension, Gdansk, Poland, between 19-21 May 2022. The lecture “The ENABLE Cost Action on Adherence” is scheduled during the 5th session, entitled “Drug adherence in hypertension“, which will be held on 21/05/2022 from 8:30 … Read more