Sara Mucherino, PharmD, is a Ph.D. Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Department of Pharmacy of University of Naples Federico II. She’s carrying out her research activity at CIRFF, Research Center of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcome Research at the same University. Her Ph.D. Project mainly focuses on the assessment of medication adherence across multimorbidity and polypharmacy … Read more


Assoc. prof. Maria Kamusheva holds a master’s degree in Pharmacy from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University-Sofia in 2011. In 2014, she defended her Ph.D. thesis “Pharmacoeconomics of the Treatment of Rare Diseases”. She has 8 years of practical experience in community pharmacy settings and almost 2 years in the field of clinical trials. Currently, … Read more


Gaye Hafez, PhD, is pharmacologist and head of the department of Pharmacology at Altınbaş University Faculty of Pharmacy and a visiting lecturer at Marmara University, Faculty of Dentistry, Istanbul, Turkey. She had her own pharmacy for years, simultaneously working as a consultant focusing on drug databases for electronic claim process projects in an international company. … Read more


Miriam Qvarnström, M.Sc.Pharm, PhD is a senior lecturer in pharmacoepidemiology at Uppsala university, Sweden. Her research focus on cardiovascular related diseases and medication adherence. She has worked as a senior lecturer for the last three years, educating pharmacy students on bachelor and master level, in pharmacoepidemiology. She has also experience working at the pharmacy after … Read more


Francisca Leiva, MD, MSc, PhD is a family doctor and professor at the Multiprofesional Teaching Unit of Community and Family Care Primary Care District Málaga-Guadalhorce, and a collaborating professor at the University of Malaga, Spain. Her research focus mainly on patient-reported and health outcomes: adherence to treatment, quality of life, patient preferences, polypharmacy in patients … Read more


A pharmacist, researcher at Vilnius University, Lithuania and PhD candidate at Groningen University, Netherlands. Got a Pharm M diploma at Lithuanian Health Science University in 2005. For 12 years worked as the head of small pharmacy chain and practicing pharmacist. In 2014 completed second master in international marketing. From 2017 responsible for Pharmacy undergraduate program … Read more


Emma Aarnio, PhD (Pharm.), MSc (Health Econ.) is a postdoctoral researcher in the Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research Unit at the University of Eastern Finland. Her research focuses on medication adherence and she has also done research on health economics and pharmaceutical policy. She has conducted both quantitative studies as well as qualitative studies based on … Read more


Doctor of Medicine, PhD, Research Associate, a specialist in clinical pharmacology with toxicology, is member of hospital Drug committee, consultant clinical pharmacologist and leader of ENABLE WG1. She obtained a Masters degree in pharmacotherapy and clinical drug development. Professional and scientific interests developed in the field of medicine, with a dispersion of professional interests in … Read more