This volume  “Recent Advances in Attempts to Improve Medication Adherence – from basic research to clinical practice”, edited by Przemyslaw Kardas, Tamas Agh, Ines Potočnjak, Alexandra Lelia Dima and Bjorn Wettermark, was published in
Frontiers in Pharmacology.

Topic editors:
Przemyslaw Kardas — Medical University of Lodz, Poland
Tamas Agh — Syreon Research Institute, Hungary
Ines Potočnjak — University Hospital Centre Sisters of Charity, Croatia
Alexandra Lelia Dima — University of Barcelona, Spain
Bjorn Wettermark — Uppsala University, Sweden

Kardas, P., Agh, T., Potočnjak, I., Dima, A. L., Wettermark, B., eds. (2023). Recent advances in attempts to improve medication adherence – from basic research to clinical practice. Lausanne: Frontiers Media SA. doi: 10.3389/978-2-83251-741-3.

Table of contents

page 05 Editorial: Recent advances in attempts to improve medication adherence-from basic research to clinical practice
Przemyslaw Kardas, Alexandra L. Dima, Ines Potočnjak, Bjorn Wettermark and Tamas Agh

page 08 Reimbursed Medication Adherence Enhancing Interventions in European Countries: Results of the EUREcA Study
Tamás Ágh, Maja Ortner Hadžiabdić, Kristina Garuoliene, Anne Gerd Granas, Emma Aarnio, Enrica Menditto, João Gregório, Pilar Barnestein-Fonseca, Vildan Mevsim, and Przemysław Kardas European Network to Advance Best Practices and Technology on Medication Adherence (ENABLE)

page 17 Adherence to Statin Therapy and Attainment of LDL Cholesterol Targets in an Outpatient Population of Type 2 Diabetes Patients: Analysis in the DIAbetes and LifEstyle Cohort Twente (DIALECT)
Jelle M. Beernink, Milou M. Oosterwijk, Job F. M. van Boven, Hiddo J. L. Heerspink, Stephan J. L. Bakker, Gerjan Navis, Roos M. Nijboer, Christina M. Gant, Heleen Haverkate, Willemien J. Kruik-Kollöffel and Gozewijn D. Laverman

page 26 The role of illness perceptions on medication nonadherence among patients with hypertension: A multicenter study in indonesia
Sofa D. Alfian, Nurul Annisa, Dyah A. Perwitasari, Andre Coelho and Rizky Abdulah

page 33 Analysing breast cancer survivors’ acceptance profiles for using an electronic pillbox connected to a smartphone application using Seintinelles, a French community-based research tool
Catherine Goetzinger, Caroline Alleaume, Anna Schritz, Bernard Vrijens, Marie Préau, Guy Fagherazzi and Laetitia Huiart

page 47 Comparison of different methods to assess tacrolimus concentration intra-patient variability as potential marker of medication non-adherence
Barbora Kostalova, Katerina Mala-Ladova, Sylvie Dusilova Sulkova, Kris Denhaerynck, Sabina De Geest and Josef Maly

page 56 Identification of target groups and individuals for adherence interventions using tree-based prediction models
Johannes Wendl, Andreas Simon, Martin Kistler, Jana Hapfelmeier, Antonius Schneider and Alexander Hapfelmeier

page 68 Patterns of statin adherence in primary cardiovascular disease prevention during the pandemic
Sara Malo, Lina Maldonado, María José Rabanaque, Antonio Gimeno-Miguel, Sara Castel-Feced, María Jesús Lallana and Isabel Aguilar-Palacio

page 79 The impact of the war on maintenance of long-term therapies in Ukraine
Nataliia Khanyk, Bohdan Hromovyk, Oksana Levytska, Tamas Agh, Björn Wettermark and Przemyslaw Kardas

page 87 Development and validation of a new non-disease-specific survey tool to assess self-reported adherence to medication
Rønnaug Eline Larsen, Are Hugo Pripp, Tonje Krogstad, Cecilie Johannessen Landmark and Lene Berge Holm

page 101 The importance of reminders and patient preferences to improve inhaler technique in older adults with COPD
P. Barnestein-Fonseca, VM. Cotta-Luque, VP. Aguiar-Leiva, J. Leiva-Fernández, Francisco Martos-Crespo and F. Leiva-Fernández