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Best Practices for Harnessing the Power of Registry Data and Digital Technologies to Support Medication Adherence in Sweden and Serbia

A Short-Term Scientific Mission experience Serbia - Sweden

Ana Tomas Petrović, Assistant Professor Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology Faculty of Medicine University of Novi Sad, Serbia

In November 2022, I undertook a month-long STSM at Uppsala University, Sweden, working with Prof. Björn Wettermark and his amazing team.

I must give a little background on why this whole experience was extra special for me. Years back, I was working on my MD thesis in Serbia, studying antihypertensive drug use. I started reading papers from clinical pharmacology and drug utilization research, and the ones most relevant to my topic came from Scandinavian countries. At that time, it was hard to imagine that one day I would get a chance to collaborate with people whose work had helped me make my first steps in drug utilization research. Seeing Swedish data firsthand and applying methods used to measure adherence with individual-level patient data was the focus of my stay. Medication adherence has been my interest for years. While working on my graduation thesis, one problem became apparent – despite antihypertensive drug use followed the guidelines of that time, the majority of our patients had problems achieving blood pressure control, and that was the first time I started reading about medication adherence. This topic was not extensively covered during my studies (which is something I now aim to change while teaching pharmacology). We have done some studies based on primary data collection afterward, confirming a low level of medication adherence in hypertensive patients in Novi Sad, Serbia. Logically, another question was asked – what can we do to improve medication adherence?

The ENABLE project has helped me learn about digital tools and technologies available to support medication adherence. During my stay, there were discussions on technologies available in Sweden (described in detail in Marie’s blog), but I have also wondered, what can we offer our patients back home, in Serbia? I was able to identify a mobile app HealthLy, designed and developed by a Serbian company, available in the Serbian language.

HealthLy app, developed by HealthCare Central Co., is now available to users in Croatia and Slovenia. HealthLy app focuses on empowering patient engagement in the fight against disease and accelerating the healing process through a holistic approach to patient care using digital tools. It allows for effective patient engagement to help improve adherence, monitoring health and laboratory parameters, enabling better understanding of the disease, and providing treatment value. The app provides medication or injection therapy reminders, includes over 80 different health indicators and lab parameters to monitor and track progress over time. It allows users to capture and track all patients’ physical, psychological/neurological, or general symptoms. Medication reports, tracked symptoms, or health indicator trends can easily be shared with a patient’s physician or pharmacist. The app allows for multiple profiles to easily track and manage health data and documents for the whole family, dependents, patients, or even pets. All health-related documents, physician’s reports, medication history, and health indicator trends can be securely stored in one place, and detailed records of appointments with physicians or pharmacists, with reminders, are provided. HealthLy ensures patient safety by notifying users of potential drug interactions and providing comprehensive drug-related information. Link: https://healthlyapp.com/