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To raise awareness on the diversity of technologies available and the evidence base relevant for decision making, ENABLE is developing an online repository of Medication Adherence Technologies (short: MATech). These may be for example electronic devices that record medication intake, dose dispensers that instruct on time or mode of administration, mobile applications that provide information about a health condition or medication or reminders, etc. You can find more information about the ENABLE repository in the letters of invitation to countries and technology providers.

The following entries record information about the use scenarios and types of users the technology is intended for, as well as the characteristics of the medication adherence measurement and/or intervention.

Adherence self-management use

These entries refer to scenarios in which the technology is used for adherence self-management activities
These entries refer to scenarios in which the technology is used for activities supporting taking medication in an health/social care provision setting
These refer to types of diseases or health problems the technology/MATech is intended for.
These entries refer to the prescribed schematic form/ therapeutic plan of medication therapy, thus the type of medication regimen the technology/MATech can be used for
These entries refer to the the medication adherence management types and phases the MATech targets
These refer to the way in which information is gathered and summarized by the technology about the patient's medication adherence
These entries refer to the component(s) of the adherence causal (logic) model that is measured by the technology
These entries aim to describe the ways in which the intervention is delivered to its users.
This entry refers to the modifiable causal influences on medication adherence (barriers and facilitators) that the MATech targets at the individual level, and the behaviour change techniques in includes to target these determinants.
This entry refers to the types of persons who use the technology to assist patients in their self-management of adherence.
This entry refers to the how the MATech has been developed and evaluated, considering aspects such as transparency, theory and evidence base, development guidelines, context compatibility, co-creation, scientific evaluation, reliability and validity of measurement, usability, technical performance, aesthetics, readability, customisation, accessibility, data protection, interoperability, authorisation status. While this information is the object of a more detailed (and optional) MATech description process for interested providers, a brief description would be welcome at this stage.

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ENABLE – COST Action CA19132 (ENABLE) maintains this website to enhance public access to our online repository where interested parties would be able to search for medication adherence technologies and learn about them for their research or practice.

Our goal is to keep this information timely and accurate. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. However, ENABLE accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the information on this site.