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The 2021 Medication Adherence Week (Bulgaria, 15th – 19th November 2021)




Name / Date

The 2021 Medication Adherence Week (15th – 19th November)


The Bulgarian Association of Pharmacoeconomics (BAP) and ISPOR Bulgaria Chapter organized one-day workshop entitled “Digital Health – challenges and solutions” on 12.11.2021

Content of the activity program

Cost-ENABLE members: Guenka Petrova, Maria Dimitrova, Maria Kamusheva, Zornitsa Mitkova.

Participants: BAP and ISPOR Bulgaria Chapter members, regulatory authorities, healthcare specialists, pharma industry

Materials (may include link if available)

The main topic of the workshop was focused on the challenges and solutions of digital health implementation in Bulgaria but a focus was also put on the importance of digital technologies in the process of optimizing medication adherence. Information about the ENABLE project and its aims was also presented.


This activity had a good response, but having a platform with a greater audience/reach and contacting ahead of time like-minded platforms and professionals to help us increase our audience might be advisable for future activities like this one.