Herdeiro MT, Roque F, Jácome C, Maricoto T, Teixeira PM, Moreira P, Gregório J, Correia-de-Sousa J. 

Dear Editor,
Medication adherence is a crucial factor in the effectiveness and safety of medicines and is particularly critical for patients undergoing chronic treatments. Non-adherence is also a major concern among healthcare systems worldwide. Around 50% of patients with a chronic disease do not adhere to their therapeutic regimen, making non-adherence a widespread health problem, with a significant impact on healthcare systems. In Europe alone, non-adherence has shown to contribute to nearly 200 000 premature deaths, with costs rising to €125 billion per year in avoidable hospitalizations, emergency care, and outpatient visits.

Source: Acta Med Port 2021 Jul-Aug;34(7-8):562-565 | https://www.actamedicaportuguesa.com/revista/index.php/amp/article/download/15938/6385