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STSM visit at Oslo University, Norway

Indre Trečiokienė, Vilnius University's Faculty of Medicine in Lithuania

Between April 15th and 26th of this year, Dr. Indrė Trečiokienė, an assistant professor at Vilnius University’s Faculty of Medicine in Lithuania, embarked on a visit to the Department of pharmacy, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Oslo in Norway. This visit aimed to explore potential avenues for future research collaborations between the Pharmacy and Pharmacology Center at Vilnius University and the PharmaSafe research team, under the leadership of Professor Dr. Anne Gerd Granas, at Oslo University.

My Journey at “Ås produksjonslab” and MedThings

During her stay, discussions revolved around potential research projects and collaborative opportunities. Additionally, there were fruitful exchanges regarding the requirements for pharmaceuticals and other products, considering both domestic and international standards. Of particular interest were the variations in requirements for written and digital information provided by pharmacies and displayed on the outer packaging or on pharmacy produced labels. The potential of pharmacy labels as adherence-enhancing technology was discussed with pharmacist and managing director Mr. Ørjan Leiknes Apeland at “Ås produksjonslab”- a local pharmaceutical company specializing in the production of liquid, non-sterile medications and commercial products.

Furthermore, Dr. Trečiokienė had a productive meeting with Mr. Bjørn Toreid, the visionary founder and CEO of MedThings. This meeting delved into the realm of digital technologies, particularly focusing on the integration of the innovative smart pill dispenser, Mobili, in upcoming projects and clinical environments.

Research presentation at Department of Pharmacy, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences faculty, University of Oslo