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Marie P. Schneider, PhD, pharmacist, is adjunct professor of medication adherence, interprofessionality and health communication at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Western Switzerland, University of Geneva. She is also the Director of the living lab, pharma24, an academic community pharmacy located in the University Hospital of Geneva. Her research focuses on medication adherence in chronic diseases and aims at better understanding this behaviour, its determinants and consequences for the patients and the healthcare system through validated measure methodology. She is collecting routine-based research data thanks to the living lab, which has developed a close interprofessional collaboration with physicians and nurses, who refer their chronic patients experiencing adherence problems there. Marie is a board and honorary member of the International Society for Medication Adherence (ESPACOMP).


Professor of medication adherence and interprofessionality
Work place:
University of Geneva, Switzerland
Postal address: Section des Sciences Pharmaceutiques, Université de Genève, CMU-B05, CMU-B05, bureau B05.17.17.B, Rue Michel-Servet 1, 1211 Genève 4, Switzerland
e-mail: marie.schneider@unige.ch