ENABLE Conference – The European COST Action on Non-Adherence (Swiss COST ENABLE Conference on 18 March 2022)

Medication adherence is an essential component of many therapeutic regimens in the management of acute and chronic conditions. Not taking medications as prescribed can take different forms: not redeeming prescriptions (i.e. non-initiating), issues with under- or overdosing, irregularity of medication taking and/or the occurrence of drug holidays (i.e. non-implementation). Patient can also discontinue treatment without advice of their clinician. Medication adherence is highly prevalent and precludes therapeutic effects; it has been shown to be associated with poor clinical outcomes as well as increased health care costs. Given its high prevalence, medication non-adherence is regarded as a major public health concern.

As part of the Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), a European collaborative action has been launched to join forces to address medication adherence in European health care systems “European Network to Advance Best practices & technoLogy on medication adherencE” (ENABLE) CA 19132. Switzerland is part of this COST action among 38 other European countries.

We hope you enjoyed the conference and gained beneficial insights to the important field of medication adherence!

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Sabina De Geest and Prof. Dr. Marie Schneider

Please click on the link below to access the recording of the conference.