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June 2022

1st Training School took place in Malaga

From the 2nd to 4th of May the 1st training School from the ENABLE COST Action took place in Malaga.

In total 30 students participated on-site and 17 connected online.

A diversity of courses was offered to the student ranging from medication adherence monitoring and measurement concepts to patient experiences.

Additionally, students were able to engage and exchange with experts from the field.

ENABLE MC Members Meeting - MALAGA​

Meetings and training school in Malaga:

We would like to thank Prof Francisca LEIVAFERNANDEZ and Prof Maria del Pilar Barnestein Fonseca for their incredible work to organize the 1st ENABE COST Action face-to-face meeting and training school in Malaga.


Prof Maria del Pilar Barnestein Fonseca 

Oslo Working Group Meeting

From the 24th to the 25th of June the Hybrid Working Group Meeting will take place in Oslo, Norway. 

We have the pleasure to invite you to the hybrid ENABLE Working Group Meeting in Oslo, Norway on June 24–25, 2022. The meeting will focus on eHealth and activities enabling medication adherence. The meeting includes a visit to MedTech enterprises network in Fredrikstad, presentations from COST ENABLE working groups and a workshop on terminology of activities enabling medication adherence continuing the work started in Malaga.

For more information and registration visit this link! 

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Oslo ENABLE Working Group Meeting

Focus on eHealth and activities enabling medication adherence

ICPE Conference

Advancing Pharmacoepidemiology and Real-World Evidence for the Global Community

ESPACOMP conference

Special focus on Adherence and Patient Safety

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