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Working Groups (WG) Updates

WG 1

Current practice

Current practices on enhancing adherence in European countries.

WG 2

Adherence technology

Identifying & showcasing adherence enhancing technologies.

WG 3

Sustainable implementation

Paving the way for technology in healthcare systems.

  • Survey on barriers and facilitators for medication adherence
  • 140 respondents from 39 COST countries
  • Healthcare professional survey in development

  •   A systematic review in development
  • AIM: to detect which adherence improvement interventions were effective in chronic conditions.

ISPOR Conference

This year the ISPOR Conference took place from the 30 of November to the 3rd of December. Their focus was on Emerging Frontiers and Opportunities: Special Populations and technologies.

WG1 and WG3 of ENABLE presented during the conference.


From the 8th to the 19th of November the year ESPACOMP conference took place. A special session was dedicated to an ESPACOMP-ENABLE Symposium to create collaborations and create synergies.

This year in July the EARLY CAREER RESEARCHERS (ECR) Chapter was launched. Its main purpose is to provide early-career researchers
networking and mentoring opportunities in the field of medication adherence. If interested to join such networks get in contact with Stijn Hogervorst (S.Hogervorst@vu.nl). Currently the ECR Members are in discussion to collaborate on common training schools with Enable.

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Pharmaceutical Care Network
Europe Conference

To navigate research on pharmaceutical care

In progress:

Training School & WG Meeting

In progress:

WG meeting

COST provides networking opportunities for researchers and innovators in order to strengthen Europe’s capacity to address scientific, technological and societal challenges.