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Challenges and Opportunities on the Road to Medication Adherence in Portugal

Fátima Roque - Biotechnology Research, Innovation and Design for Health Products (BRIDGES), Polytechnic of Guarda, Portugal; Maria Teresa Herdeiro - Department of Medical Sciences, Institute of Biomedicine (iBiMED), University of Aveiro, 3810-193, Aveiro, Portugal

The interest for Medication Adherence arose during MedElderly Project (SAICT-POL/23585/2016) in which the main objective was to develop an intervention to improve the use of medication in the older population. In the various focus group sessions with older patients and with health professionals, we realised that optimization of medication is a challenge for health professionals and medication adherence is a real problem at all ages suggesting that effective interventions are needed. 

In an increasingly digitalised world, technological solutions are emerging as important and innovative solutions in various areas of healthcare. A number of challenges arose when trying to develop and implement efficient technologies that help professionals to access quickly information during clinical decision. Our participation in this digital world began with the APIMedOlder Project (PTDC/MEDFAR/31598/2017) during which we developed an application to search potentially inappropriate medication for older patients supporting health professionals during clinical decision making. The APIMedOlder application was one of the two finalists of HINTT award (Digital Maturity), in the category of patient safety, awarded by Glintt – Global Intelligent Technologies.

Following this curiosity for digital health and concerns with medication adherence we joint to the ENABLE COST Action and participating in the development of the ENABLE Repository has been a very challenging experience, from the beginning of defining the attributes to the search for technological solutions available on the market to include in the repository. The challenges in terms of technologies to be used by patients are even greater, making it necessary to develop technologies that can be understood, easily used and that really have an impact on people’s lives. ENABLE Repository responds to these challenges by making it easier for patients to search for the technologies best suited to their needs.

In Portugal we had some difficulty finding technologies that were being commercialised. We held meetings with all the Portuguese members of COST Actions to identify available medication adherence technologies. We found that some technologies were being developed as part of scientific projects at universities, however many times with no further availability in the market. During this searching process we found the Terah technology with comprehensive attributes that were included in the ENABLE Repository.

Terah is a mobile and web software solution that allows automated medication management for patients. It consists of a simple, user-friendly, and effective solution, to respond to one of the main problems in the health sector, the incorrect use of medication by patients and all the problems that it generates.


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